Galactic, 4/20/12

Galactic (w/ Lightnin’ Malcolm)
Minglewood Hall
Memphis, TN
April 20, 2012



Still reeling hard from the freshly released Carnivale Electricos (February 21, 2012, Anti- Records), an album that has been met with resounding acclaim from critics and fans alike, Galactic continues to relentlessly tour the country in support of the effort.

April 20, a night deemed a music holiday by many, found the New Orleans funk-jam stalwarts in Memphis for the first time since 2010.

With Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover along for the ride, they treated the crowd to a dish of their signature blend of jazz, funk, and soul. However, Glover dominated the proceedings. At times, it seemed the band was backing him, rather than him augmenting the band and while Galactic was the same tight-knit outfit that they always are, there was something not quite right with the current blend they offered up.

There were moments of brilliance – the show started off on a tremendous foot with a powerful “Cineramascope,” “Heart of Steel” was solid, and “Boe Money” was great. Glover’s stand-out moment was “Cult of Personality,” the 90s tune that gave Living Colour widespread popularity.

But, the best moments were when the band was sans-vocalist, and those moments were too few and far between. Galactic is capable of much more than they showed in Memphis. Fortunately, their track record shows that the next time they come to town, it’s more likely to be hit than miss.


Setlist (Courtesy of stopgo1970)


Cineramascope, Hey Na Na*, Out In the Street*, I Don’t Know What…Funky*, Karate, Bongo Joe, Total Destruction of Your Mind*, Bittersweet*
Cult of Personality*, Heart of Steel*,  GoGo, Boe Money, Shit. Damn. Motherfucker*,  You Don’t Know*, How Many More Times*, Ash Wednesday Sunrise, Goin’ Down *

Notes: *With Corey Glover


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