G. Love squeezes some Lemonade

Philadelphia soul man G. Love is old school.  His mixture of front stoop soul and hip-hop hasn’t changed much, but never really grows tiresome. 


Lemonade recruits a bevy of friends alongside his Special Sauce compadres.  Particle’s Steve Molitz lends some helping hands with impressive keyboard work on “Hot Cookin.”  He is joined by Donavon Frankenrieter; who contributes solid guitar alongside G. Love.


“Can’t Go Back to Jersey” slams with heavy organ and a bouncing beat as G. Love flows into the mix.  Also, his distorted harmonica creates a perfect bridge between lyrics.  Leaning heavily on some special guests, Lateef the Truth Speaker and Gift of Gab, “Banger” delivers rapid-fire rhymes and a tight back beat.


I guess you can call it “calling in the big guns” when Ben Harper and Marc Broussard stop in to help out with a track.  The two laid down vocals on the groovy “Let the Music Play” with Harper also contributing some very atmospheric Weisenborn guitar and Wurlitzer piano. 


Many other guests stop into the Lemonade stand, but the Tristan Prettyman infused “Beautiful” may take the cake.  It is a soulful offering, and the mix of her angelic vocals and G. Love’s simplistic B-Boy style marry perfectly. 


Lemonade doesn’t address any new chapters musically, but sometimes an old thing works out just fine.  This album is full of entertaining tracks and more guests than I care to mention. 


So pull up a chair and grab a tall glass of Lemonade.