Freddy Jones Band to issue first release in a decade

Throughout the ’90s, The Freddy Jones Band built a loyal fan base through relentless touring across the U.S.  Over the course of five major label releases for Capricorn Records: Waiting for the Night (1993), self-titled independent release The Freddy Jones Band (1993), North Avenue Wake Up Call (1995), Lucid (1997), and Mile High Live (1999), the band shared stages with the likes of Widespread Panic, Phish, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews, Blues Traveler, Ben Harper, Foo Fighters, Matchbox 20, and Big Head Todd among countless others. 

Made up of Marty Lloyd (vocals and acoustic guitar), Jim Bonaccorsi (bass), Rob Bonaccorsi (guitar and vocals), Simon Horrocks (drums), and Wayne Healy (vocals and guitar), The Freddy Jones Band were a major touring force that had averaged nearly 200-250 shows a year by the end of the ’90s.  However, at the height of their popularity the group disbanded. 

“It was a sad time for FJB," commented Lloyd. “Rather than enjoying the success we were having at the time as a band, we focused on our inability to elevate to another level, and misdirected blame. It led to our disbanding. All five of us were left with some level of emptiness over the loss. Looking back, we should have put our heads down and continued writing our way into the future.”

After a 5-year hiatus, the original band reunited August 20, 2005 for the Riverview Music Festival in Chicago to a fantastic hometown crowd. 

“I remember looking out at the audience and thinking oh yeah this is who I am and this is what has been missing in my life! I don’t know if we sounded any good, but it was the most fun I can ever remember having on a stage.”

For the next few years, the band regrouped for a handful of shows each year.  They found that they had matured as people, friends, musicians, and songwriters and were performing better than ever. It was during this time when the band finally decided to finally document their current live show.

“It really started out as a way to simply remain relevant in some way, “ Lloyd said.  “We didn’t want this to come to an end again.”

Besides recording live tracks, The Freddy Jones Band also decided to record their first new songs in almost a decade.

“Everyone had such an open mind,” Lloyd remarked.  “We didn’t care who was writing, playing, or singing. If it was working we used it. We all accepted each other’s support and direction openly and as a team, and I think it shows in the recordings.”

Finally, on April 14, 2009, The Freddy Jones Band returns with Time Well Wasted.  The new thirteen track album on Out The Box Records features ten classic live tracks recorded in 2007 at an intimate venue in Chicago, along with three brand new studio recordings: Home Thing, Contender & Empty Room.

The band will play their first show in support of Time Well Wasted in their hometown of Chicago on March 21st as the headliner for HOPEfest which will benefit the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.  More tour dates are in the works and will be announced shortly.

Track Listing For Time Well Wasted
1.    Home Thing
2.    Contender
3.    Empty Room
4.    And She Cried
5.    Late This Morning
6.    One World
7.    Night To Day
8.    California
9.    Texas Skies
10.  Waitress
11.  The Puppet
12.  In A Daydream
13.  Take The Time