Fool’s Gold : Leave No Trace

Fool’s Gold found a feel-good oasis on the edge of the Mojave Desert for their sophomore release, Leave No Trace. Written between Christmas day 2010 and New Year’s Day 2011, and recorded at Infrasonic studios in Alhambra, East LA, on analog equipment, the album continues the lush vibe of their eponymous debut. This time, though, Luke Top graces the sunny grooves with English lyrics, rather than the Hebrew that graced the predecessor, with success.

Leave No Trace ably fuses the band’s love of African and Caribbean music  New Wave and early alternative. The festive sparkle of “The Dive” opens the album, recalling The Cure with smiling faces. “Street Clothes” burns warm with funky guitar twists and corkscrew synths, and the woozy “Lantern” closes the album in a dissipating puff of smoke. Unfortunately, Leave No Trace occasionally suffers in its flow, losing momentum during the damp “Balmy” and the unfocused “Narrow Sun,” which lack the spry energy of the bulk of the album.

Fool’s Gold is making a name with unbridled originality, and Leave No Trace succeeds with a world beat pulse and an indie reverence that colors each of the albums 10 tracks. This quintet captured a bit of magic on the edge of the desert, and like a newfound oasis, Leave No Trace is nothing short of refreshing.

Leave No Trace is out now on IAMSOUND.