Fool’s Gold : Fool’s Gold

fools_gold.jpgThe fireworks on Fool’s Gold’s eponymous explode with international flair: African rhythms (drawing from Congolese, Ethiopian, Eritrean and Malian) are delivered with succinct, fleet fingered focus, leveraged by verses that alternate between Hebrew and English.

The Los Angeles collective encompasses a number of astute players (including members of Foreign Born) who are led by vocalist/bassist Luke Top and guitarist Lewis Pesacov. Students of the many influences that they project, the group recorded the debut live over two days in 2008.

 The results are uncanny, the grooves too tight to pry apart, and the mash-up of international styles – both in music and lyricism – is refreshing and danceable. And despite the melting pot of cultural sounds, Fool’s Gold approaches their music with an ear for American popular music, and pop hooks  and rock breakdowns are quite at home in the worldly mix.

Fool’s Gold is out now on IAMSOUND Records.