Fans interview the Disco Biscuits


It’s not often that fans get the chance to take part in an interview, so Honest Tune is really happy to present the results of a grueling fan interview with the Disco Biscuits, who cover every topic imaginable, from their setlist creation procedure to apple butter to the space time continuum.

Trust us, you don’t want to skip reading this one, folks.  

The Disco Bisco are really hitting stride right now.  On May 30 they’re set to headline Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the first time in an event being billed as Bisco Inferno. Supporting will be a myriad of dynamic and legendary acts including Paul Oakenfold, Lotus, DJ Z-Trip, The New Deal, RJD2, and the DJ collective Orchard Lounge.

So what we did here was reach out to the Disco Biscuits and their fan base – have the fans send in their questions, and well, we had the band answer them.  The band member who fielded the question is noted in the response.

Honest Tune: How much have you guys enjoyed playing with Allen Aucoin on drums for the past 4 years? From your perspective, how has the energy and musical conversation changed since the Sam Altman years?

Marc Brownstein: The conversation has changed quite a bit, actually, but really hasn’t changed that much at all.

Food has always been the driving force behind The Disco Biscuits, that much is true. Jon and Sammy would get in endless discussions about which cheesesteak led to the most raging musical peaks. They both really love chessesteaks.

Allen lives on chicken wings. Call it a creative difference, but we are getting through it. Aron plays the mediator and sometimes the conversation drifts off into more mundane topics like songwriting, musical experimentation, and sports.

discobiscuits_112106j.jpgHT: What inspired the song "Trucker’s Choice"? Is it autobiographical?

Jon Gutwillig: "Trucker’s Choice" is sarcasm at it’s finest. We can’t believe everyone’s bought into it. We have absolutely no desire to hang out with girls.

HT: I absolutely love the song "Hope." What inspired this song?

JG: Lots of bands make up stories behind their songs, but for the sake of being honest: it was inspired by a late-night jaunt to Independence Hall.

Specifically, the influence of Benjamin Franklin.

HT: How do you guys pick your setlist for each show?

MB: We take fan suggestions and make sure to do the absolute opposite of what they request.

But sometimes, we have a list of songs that, for whatever various reasons, are available to the setlist. It’s mostly a “feeling” but we are aware of what we’ve been playing lately, what we’ve been playing well, what we played last time we came to town.

discobiscuits_112106b.jpgHT: You’ve been talking about releasing this new album for over three years now. It seems every time someone asks about the album, you’re always "putting the finishing touches" on it. What were some of the obstacles that you faced in this recording process and why has it taken so long to be released?

Aron Magner: When an album is created that is “too good,” a hole is torn in the space time continuum and swallows every song, recording, and piece of evidence that ever existed so as not to collectively blow the minds of the entire universe at once. We went to UPENN, so we understand this natural protection method.

Unfortunately for us, we have created numerous albums in the past three years that have been just too good to be heard. I think we have a version that is now just below perfect and therefore can be accepted by the universe.

HT: What has Barber done since December 2008 to be playing at the ridiculous level he is right now? It’s as if a switch turned on and hasn’t been turned off since Jamaica.

AM: We honestly don’t know, but it might be the endless, latenight mahjong tournaments. Those truly stimulate the mind.

discobiscuits_112106d.jpgHT: A long time ago you said that all the songs on the new album will not be played live until after it is released. Just recently at the E-factory you recorded the crowd singing the chorus of "The City" for inclusion on the album. When did you change your mind to play these songs before the album release and how many of the new songs played live already will be appearing on the album?

MB: Now we get to the hard hitting questions. We had no idea John Stossel was going to submit a fan question!

HT: What happened to "Shadow" and "Minions"? Those songs were great.

Allen Aucoin: Fans can now use the electronic drop box on to make song requests, submit new songs of their own, or to have their take-home college finals reviewed by Jon in a timely fashion.

HT: A question for each individual member: If there was one song you could play every night, what song would it be?

JG: We have to be honest – our careers to date have been a launching pad to achieve or wildest dreams of starting a cover band. That said:
Allen: "Macarena" by Los Del Rio
Marc: "Cherry Pie" by Warrant
Jon: "Blame it on the Rain" by Milli Vanilli
Aron: "Rumpshaker" by Rex N Effect

HT: And now for the real good stuff…

discobiscuits_112106f.jpgHT: Do you guys really like Apple butter?

MB: Apple butter is a highly concentrated form of apple sauce, produced by long, slow cooking of apples with cider or water to a point where the sugar in the apples caramelizes, turning the apple butter a deep brown.

Apple Butter Makin’ Days has been held on the courthouse square in Mount Vernon, Missouri each October since 1967. Apple butter is cooked using century-old methods in huge copper kettles over open fires all day long. Similar events take place in various locations across the United States, usually in the late fall season.

Jon attended Apple Butter Makin’ Days in 1996 and his life was forever changed. Eventually, he shared what he learned and experienced with the rest of the band and now all of our lives are forever changed.

HT: For Magner… what hold number is your styling gel?

AM: Hair gel withholds procedures that allow men and women to make their hair styled and textured in ways they desire. This is because the stretched-out polymer takes up more space than a coiled polymer and thus resists the flow of solvent molecules around it. The positive charges also bind the gel to the negatively charged amino acids on the surface of the keratin molecules in the hair.

On any given day, I may be going for “Jersey Shore,” “Cameron Diaz,” or anything in between.

HT: Allen… Do you ever run out of sweat.

DB: To really answer this question, we need to understand how sweat works. Sweat is the body’s way of cooling itself off. Whether with the Biscuits or Dr Fameus, I show no signs of cooling off and therefore will continue to sweat. It’s just science.


HT: For Jon… Have you ever seen the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine dances? If so, is that where you get your moves?

JG: I havent seen that one. My dance moves have always drawn inspiration from that scene in Mary Poppins.

HT: For Marc… What else do you do besides “play music, smoke weed and make cute babies” (as quoted by Marc)

MB: I participate in no less than 3 different fantasy football leagues each year and have the largest collection of promotional restaurant miniatures in Eastern Pennsylvania.