Extra Golden : Thank You Very Quickly

extra_golden_thank_you.jpgA mix of Kenyan roots music and progressive American rock rhythms, Extra Golden scores with the six song release, Thank You Very Quickly.

Combining these two styles provides unique proof that Extra Golden’s grooves have universal appeal, particularly on the feel good "Piny Yore Yore." Drummer Onyango Wuod Omari centers the band, adding extra punch on the humming "Ukimwi." Guitarist Ian Eagleson extends Extra Golden’s repeating, soaring melodies with edgy, masterful solo work on "Fantasies of the Orient" and "Gimakiny Akia."

Kenya’s benga music stays  front and center in the band’s mix, relieving the fractured tensions within the amplified rock propulsions. Mixed by Jonathan Kreinik and Nikhil Ranade, Thank You Very Quickly is a refreshing waltz through the improvisational world of Extra Golden.

Thank You Very Quickly is out now on Thrill Jockey Records.