Exene Cervenka : Somewhere Gone

exene_somewhere_gone.jpgExene Cervenka, lead singer and lyricist from the legendary Los Angeles punk band X, returns to her solo, acoustic form on the beguiling project Somewhere Gone.

Cervenka steeps Somewhere Gone in the lush imagerys and fleshes out the instrumentation with string and symphonic arrangements. "Trojan Horse" opens the album with a lilt, and Cervenka stretches the tone of the composition in a brief minute and a half. "Surface of the Sun" is classic Cervenka material, X’s dark ethereal strokes stripped to basic chords and violin backing. Amy Farris (Dave Alvin, Alejandro Escovedo) helps Cervenka on the title track, which has a Euro Ennio Morricone western-type feel, and she also receives support from Joe Terry on piano, Dex Romweber on keyboards, and Cindy Wasserman and Jason Edge on guitar.

Produced by Lou Whitney, Somewhere Gone puts Exene Cervenka once again in the realm of roots-based masters, and subsequently opens up her music to a whole new generation.   

Somewhere Gone is out now on Bloodshot Records.