Euros Childs : The Miracle Inn

Euros_Childs.jpgJuke box jive and bubble-gum grooves carry Euros Childs’ folk-pop forays, despite a complacent vulnerability that appears self-deprecating, even at its most optimistic. 

The Welshman, founder of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci over a decade ago, is unflinching when doling out saccharine serenades on The Miracle Inn, his fifth solo record named after a seaside hovel near Childs’ hometown. More compelling is the title track, the centerpiece of the album that pushes through a series of vignettes; 15 minutes of shifting piano themes, prog-pop, and hum -along harmonies. The epic took Childs’ two years to write, on and off, and nine days to record. 

While ambitious and engaging, Childs’ work plays out thin, bubbling feverishly yet unsustainable for these nine tracks. The Miracle Inn is certainly a light and easy display of Childs’ luminous, jovial approach, a sweet sherry nightcap before another hard-won day

Miracle Inn is out now on Wichita Recordings.