Eric Clapton & JJ Cale: Road To Escondido

“Cocaine”, “Traveling Light”, “After Midnight”,  “Ride Me High”, and “Call Me The Breeze”:  all songs written by J.J. Cale and made famous by others.  Music fans know about him, but the general public has largely ignored the proficient songwriter.

With the release of Road to Escondido, he’ll finally get his due.  Recorded with Eric Clapton, it’s a wonderful CD on all accounts, full of great playing on outstanding songs.

Several genres are covered masterfully, from the blues with “Last Will and Testament” to the fiddle-laced “Dead End Road.”

Derek Trucks makes an appearance on several tracks, turning the easy-going “Missing Persons” upside down with his slide work. 

This record is probably the best output from Eric Clapton in two decades; his voice and guitar are stellar.  Cale more than holds his own as well.  Other great appearances from the likes of Taj Mahal, Albert Lee and more make this a must-own.