Enter here to win a Martin Sexton tour shirt and autographed CD…


Last week, we released an article that included exclusive videos that were shot in Atlanta prior to Martin Sexton’s performance at the Variety Playhouse.

As part of our Live, Backstage and Unplugged series, Sexton sat down with Honest Tune’s David Shehi for a soulful serving of “There Go I” and subsequently moved to the front of the venue for a performance of “For What It’s Worth” and a brief interview.

There was no way that Shehi was going to walk away without some goodies to give away.


What you are playing for…


1) One GRAND PRIZE winner will walk away with a tour shirt from Martin Sexton’s spring 2012 tour and an autographed copy of his latest EP on CD, Fall Like Rain.


How to Enter…


1) Log in to your Facebook account (if you aren’t already).

2) Head over to the Honest Tune article, 360° with Martin Sexton: Live, Backstage, Photographed, Interviewed & Unplugged, scroll to the bottom and hit “Like” in the Facebook box at the bottom of the page.

3) Log into this site to fill out a brief contest entry form.




Rules & Eligibility


How a winner will be chosen:

1) All of the entered names will be copied from the survey site and pasted into a computer generated random name picker. All of this will be videotaped so that nobody can cry foul. To see examples of us using this tool, click here. If we are lucky, maybe we will bump into Col. Bruce and get him to draw names out of a beer pitcher again.

2) The deadline for entry is Friday, 5/01/12 at 11:59 PM CST

3) The winner will be announced within 7 days from the entry deadline.


Eligibility requirements:

1) Only entries that conform to the specifications outlined in “How to Enter” will be considered.

2) No previous or current Honest Tune editor/staff may enter

3) Contributors (senior and otherwise) may enter.

4) Only one entry per person/ per “prize” will be allowed and IP Addresses are logged on the survey site.

5) Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and from within the continental United States.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1) Q: I am Martin Sexton’s biggest fan and I vote Rex. Shouldn’t I just be able to win without doing all of the stuff that everybody else has to do? Maybe you will just let me buy it.

A: Seriously? His “biggest fan?” You and how many more? I mean come on, the guy has been at this thing for quite awhile and surely there is some crazed person out there who sleeps with a guitar pick that Marty gave him/her back in the early 90s. Let’s just leave it at this… if you are that guy, you can have the CD, but please never come back to our site. If you aren’t, the answer is “no.” Here at Honest Tune, everyone is equal and we pride ourselves on the fairness of our contests. That is why we film the drawings. So please, can it with the groveling emails.


2) Q: I don’t have a Facebook account. What can I do to still have a chance to enter?

A: There is this book called DSM IV. Your local library will have it and so will your local psychiatrist. In it, there is a diagnosis of something to do with being antisocial. Listen up now, because what you are about to read will save you a bunch of money in therapy.

In a recent issue of Psychology Today (my psychiatrist gets it), there was an article by some big league therapy guy who said that he consistently recommends that his patients engage social media. He does this to help them “warm up to healthy levels of socialization.” So for the sake of your mental health, get an account.

See, that was worth 75 bucks in a counselor’s office at a minimum. With the money you saved, you should find a similar prize on eBay, buy it and give it to the person we addressed in FAQ 1. Just don’t include your real return address.

In all seriousness though, if you have a really bad case of the aforementioned disorder (or if you just don’t have a Facebook account because you are in one of those fields where it is not advisable to have one, you got overly upset over the whole “timeline” thing or are taking a stand against Zuck buying that site that makes everybody look like a pro photog,  etc. ), make a fake one and cancel it after the contest. Hell, you may even make some fake friends while you are at it. Just let us know you did so in the comment section of the entry form.


3) Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Why is it not answered and what do you plan to do about it?

A: Too bad.

Damn. How cool would it be to be able to really be mean like that?  If there is absolutely something that you must know, head up to the top of the page and click on the “contact” menu item and fill out the submission form. We will be with you shortly. Now let the elevator music commence.


Good Luck!





Fine Print
This contest is solely the responsibility of Honest Tune. It is not affiliated with nor is it endorsed by Suwannee Springfest, Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park or any of the artists who signed the poster, or any representatives thereof. They are aware of the contest but that participation does not indicate endorsement. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. The winner will be contacted via his/her email address and must respond to the contact within 72 hours. All entries must be received from within the United States. Rules & eligibility requirements may be changed with or without notice within the first 72 hours of the contest’s launch. After 72 hours, any changes will be posted via Honest Tune’s Twitter or Facebook account. All entries must be submitted via the above listed criteria and Honest Tune reserves the right to disqualify entries based solely its discretion and upon an entry’s lack of conformity to the standards outlined above.