Enter here for your chance to win a signed copy of Keller’s KIDS

We have to admit it, we love contests. It is our small way of saying thanks to you, the members of our Honest Tune family, for your continued support through the years. For this contest, there will be no surveys or other annoying requirements. We just need you to show up and login to your Facebook accounts and comment in the OFFICIAL KELLER WILLIAMS CONTEST THREAD. Any comment will do but please refrain from too many expletives…”KIDS” are present.


Casey & Lyle Shehi with Keller & Ella Louise Williams
(Ella co-wrote “The Fastest Song in the World”)

To us, this is a special contest because we simply love this album, Keller Williams’ Kids, as do our children (for those of us parents on staff). Seriously how can one go wrong with his/her kid in the car singing along with Keller to “Mama Tooted” or any of the other gems that can be found on this marvelous record? And the best thing is that the album is pure fun even if the little ones aren’t in the backseat.

Back in December, Honest Tune Managing Editor Josh Mintz wrote a column about the blessed experience of listening to Kids with his children saying “songs like ‘Car Seat,’ ‘Keep It On The Paper’ and ‘Taking A Bath’ aren’t metaphors – the words mean what they mean, and my son understands the lyrical content. But, they’re fun whether you’re 8 or 80.” This past weekend, Honest Tune Live Music Editor David Shehi took his family to the live Kids event in Atlanta. The review is coming soon, but it is safe to say that they had a blast.

So just to be sure that we are on the same page, you are entering to win a signed copy of Keller Williams’ Kids. In order to enter, simply log on to Honest Tune’s Facebook page and write in the aforementioned thread. All names will be placed in a hat and one will be drawn just as it was with the Jam Cruise contest. Maybe we can get another kid to draw the name this time around. The deadline for entry is 3/4/11 at 11:59 PM CST. And for good measure, head over to this page for a free download of “Car Seat.” Good luck and happy listening!


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  Update3/1/11: The Honest Tune review of Keller’s KIDS show can be found here.