El Perro Del Mar : From the Valley to the Stars

el_perro_del_mar_stars.jpgThere is a gentle classicism about El Perro Del Mar, from the air-thin vocals to orchestration so delicate, it sounds as if played with kid gloves.

From the Valley to the Stars is the second full-length release for El Perro Del Mar, alter-ego of Swedish import Sarah Assbring, and marks a quest for timelessness. Her efforts are relatively fruitful, and each cut flows with ethereal ease and brims with intoxicating lyrical repetition that it is both wondrous and wearing. Lilting piano themes carry the album and further the blown-glass reverie. 

While sparse themes course throughout From the Valley to the Stars, it is on the more robust songs, the joyous “Somebody’s Baby” and the sunny “You Belong to the Sky Now,” where Assbring truly finds her voice.

Timelessness is found in both ability and inability; the ability to stand the test of time, or the inability to pen a period to a work. From the Valley to the Stars is certainly a work that achieves the latter, but the thin lyricism that looms throughout many of the tracks may compromise the former. Only time will tell.

 From the Valley to the Stars is out now on Control Group.