Eilen Jewell : Sea of Tears

eileen_jewell_sea.jpgSea of Tears is an era-hopping, time-bending romp through rock and roll history. A departure from the folk sounds that have made her a star on the roots music scene, Eilen Jewell embraces the rock and roll inspiration of her youth – a sound that has been missing from her previous recordings –  and embarks on a trip that shakes, rattles, and rolls.

Jewell and her band mates – Johnny Sciascia on bass, Jerry Miller on guitar, and Jason Beek on drums – are more than capable of covering the many divergent sounds on Sea of Tears. With rock solid rhythms and guitar work that echoes of yesteryear, the band owns the three covers on the record: Van Morrison’s foreboding "I’m Gonna Dress in Black,” "Shakin’ All Over," a pre-British Invasion hit from Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, and "The Darkest Day," a relatively unknown gem from the catalog of one of Jewell’s idols, country music queen Loretta Lynn, that Jewell spices up with a bit of rockabilly.

Jewell’s voice – equally haunting, mysterious, and seductive – resonates throughout the record. She is a jealous lover with murder on her mind on "Sweet Rose," sings of enjoying simple joys on "Rain Roll In," and calls to mind country giants Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells on the shuffling “Nowhere in No Time.”

To cover such tremendous territory within one recording is an audacious undertaking. Eilen Jewell rose to the occasion, leaving listeners with what should become a timeless classic in its own right.

Sea of Tears is out now on Signature Sounds.