Dust Galaxy : Dust Galaxy

dust_galaxy.jpgAs one half of Washington D.C.’s Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza crafts martini-lounge; mellow electronica built upon easy groove meditations and boasting guest vocalists that enhance its exotic, international sound.

On his solo outing dubbed Dust Galaxy, Garza takes a different approach, fusing rock and roll with the ethereal sampling that bubbles through his work with Thievery. However, much is lost in translation, mostly in Garza’s limited vocal range and pedestrian lyricism which overshadows the grittier instrumentation and earthy beats provided by an ensemble of veterans, including Martin Duffy and Darrin Mooney from Primal Scream, and Adam Blake of Cornershop, just to name a few).

Dust Galaxy was created as a means to relate Garza’s continuing journey in life, one charted by experiences in Thievery Corporation and beyond. This is modestly achieved on a handful of the albums tracks, teaming with Euro-pop forays and modest psychedelia. But while Garza’s journey is surely flavored with international adventure and vehement sonic excursions, Dust Galaxy finds frequent harbor, Garza bobbing in shallow water close to shore.

 Dust Galaxy is out now on ESL Music.