Dumpstaphunk - Dirty Word

Dumpstaphunk : Dirty Word

Dumpstaphunk - Dirty Word

When your last name is Neville and you pursue a career in music, the world is going to have some mighty high expectations for you, whether playing live or on record. So, it’s no surprise that on Dumpstaphunk’s latest release, Dirty Word, they have not only raised the bar of funk but that of New Orleans music. In other words, Dirty Word is the stankiest, greasiest, most bodacious album to come of the Big Easy in 2013. And, quite possibly 2014, 2015, and 2016.

It’s sad that it took the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to draw national attention to just what an incredible jewel and historical landmark the city of New Orleans is to America. It should be a government mandate that every citizen of the United States visits this place at least once in their lives. It’s bands like Dumpstaphunk that prove the amazing quality of artists who are born, bred, and developed there. Like the Marsalis clan, the Neville family tree only gives root to the strongest and beautiful entities in the music business.

Dumpstaphunk claims not just one Neville in keyboardist and vocalist Ivan, but also in Ian on guitars. Newest member Nikkie Glaspie has played with everyone from Beyonce to Big Sam’s Funky Nation, and she has folded herself into the mix as only a professional of her caliber can. How do you get your funk this sweaty and mindblowing? Simple … two bass players. The double-decker deuces of dirty devastation are Tony Hall and Nick Daniels III, and they carry on a birthright of bass playing that can be traced back to the godfather of New Orleans bass players, George Porter, Jr.

We pause for a moment of silent prayer to the majesty that is George Porter, Jr.

Dirty Word is the final proof that Dumpstaphunk is the legitimate heir to the great Parliament/Funkadelic. This, of course, makes you immediately ask, “Does that make Ivan Neville the next George Clinton?” Um, hell-to-the-yes! It is records like this that make you want to scream at urban radio station programmers to quit playing the disposable pablum that passes for R&B these days (I’m looking at you, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo) and put Dirty Word on hourly rotation. This is easily the best way you can spend an hour if you believe in the power of the funk.

Recommended If You Like: Curtis Mayfield and Allen Toussaint, Abita beer, shrimp po’ boys, being drunk on Bourbon Street at 4 a.m. during Mardi Gras, and dinner at your Grandma’s house on Sundays after church.

Dirty Word is out now on Louisiana Red Hot Records.