Dub Pistols : Speakers and Tweeters

dub_pistols_speakers.jpgBorn out of an appreciation of The Clash, The Specials, Andy Weatherall, King Tubby and Public Enemy, Dub Pistols steps to the mic straight out of the hip West London scene with a fresh sound built on hip hop, dub, techno, ska and punk. 

Speakers and Tweeters begins with a sweeping crescendo and a sample of a launch countdown. Then heavy hip hop beats and a thick London accent begin to flow behind the intro track, “Speed of Light.” They are joined by The Specials’ Terry Hall on “Peaches,” a jamband worthy groove and a unique mix of Ska/hip-hop vocals. Most of this album translates to hip-hop, yet the unique instrumentation and samples find a broader palette than the typical hip-hop album. The bands’ remake of Blondie’s “Rapture” may be the most exciting track on the album.  It flirts with the original, yet spins things just far enough out of control to make it their own. 

“You’ll Never Find” booms with a massive swells of bass and a reggae hook, and could easily be found on the soundtrack to a Warren Miller Ski documentary. This is not a typical Honest Tune pick, yet fans of adventurous bands like Perpetual Groove, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Lotus and the like may find it great listening. Alt. rockers Gogol Bordello and Perry Ferrell have given their endorsement to the Dub Pistols, and it certainly is worth stepping out side the norm and give this a listen.

Speakers and Tweeters is out May 6 on Defend Music.