Drummer : Feel Good Together

drummer_feel_good.jpgThe power of the side-project or the solo album comes from its ability to change direction, and to shock and surprise. Some who break from a day-job band to work on (seemingly) obligatory solo or side project fall flat because they stay too close to their roots.  That is what makes Drummer’s Feel Good Together such a nice surprise. 

The band is comprised of five Ohio-based drummers,  one of whom is The Black Keys' Patrick Carney. And while it is not a true-solo album for Carney (the assembled band play as equals, with Carney on bass) he comes from the most high-profile gig; however, that dilutes the fact that Drummer is band. They are five equal friends and bandmates who came together during the wintery months with simple goals, “to have a good time, and to find a better way to spend their time then making snowmen and watching youtube.”

Feel Good Together is a blast or prog-rock goodness that could only have been born from a band with Midwest sensibilities. The songwriting is sharp and focused; the opening track “Lottery Dust,” with a slowly building intro that dissolves into a triumphant-piercing guitar lick and a thunderous backbeat, is destined to become a stoner-rock anthem.  Recalling the high-end intelligence of King Crimson and the low-brow rock of Black Sabbath, Feel Good Together quite simply rocks. 

Feel Good Together is out now on Audio Eagle Records.