Drive-By Truckers : The Big To-Do


I’m not sure if anyone told you, but I’m kind of a big deal. Listen, I’m not here to preach from the corner booth of the greasy spoon about the near death and recent resurgence of the Drive-By Truckers. Instead, I’m standing on the table screaming at the top of my lungs for you to open your eyes and embrace the moment. The Big To-Do is happening right now, as the Truckers are as good as they have ever been. This is the moment, fans, when the growing baby becomes a man.

Patterson Hood has said that if any DBT release can break through, album number nine will be the one. I believe him. The group’s first release for the ATO label opens with the anthem "Daddy Learned to Fly" that seems like it could have just as easily been penned by recently-announced summer tour partner Tom Petty. The intriguing title "Birthday Boy" seems like it could be a hit single, if radio played songs about strippers who will you let you call them by your Mom’s name. However, it’s the bowling-ball-in-china-shop titled "This Fucking Job" that reminds us that life takes work. If Neil Young would have been born in America, he would have written this song. That’s how good it is.

That’s what you get with the the modern day Truckers; a little mid-80s Tom Petty blended with an uncorked Neil Young. It’s rock, but more importantly it’s southern rock. So Trucker faithful, take a deep breath. This is our time. This is our band. And The Big To-Do is worth every penny.

The Big To-Do is now available on ATO Records.