Dr. John hospitalized in Lincoln, NE; Officials confirm he is okay


Earlier tonight, Honest Tune was notified that Dr. John was forced to cancel his scheduled performance at Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, NE, and that there were “rumors going around that [Dr. John] was rushed from the backstage” in what was described as a type of “emergency medical situation.”

The caller also stated that there was significant worry rampant in the room that he referred to as “three-quarters full” before becoming in audible due to the beginning of the opening set from Blind Boys of Alabama.

Needless to say, we felt that it was incumbent upon us to do what we could so that we could transmit the good Dr.’s condition and hopefully put the worries to rest.

At approximately 8:30pm CST, after determining where the living legend had been transported*, Honest Tune spoke with the hospital’s charge nurse (who did not want to be identified in this story). The nurse, while maintaining full respect for her patient’s privacy, was able to disclose that Dr. John was in fact admitted. She went on to state that he was “currently undergoing tests” and that she “fully expected [Dr. John] to [be discharged] tonight.” In a follow-up question, the nurse also confirmed that the particular location that Dr. John had been transferred to was not the location where “heart attacks or other critical systemic conditions” are taken, but rather, where “situational emergencies and mental health emergencies” are handled.

In other words, and as stated (by Honest Tune)  to her, she “works at the location where — if the patient is not suffering from an acute psychiatric episode or condition —  most admissions are as a result of an accident or other trauma and the type of emergency that perhaps would have been better served by an urgent care type of facility.” She acknowledged this assessment as accurate and went on to all but absolutely confirm that Dr. John was the latter type of patient (thus, keeping his confidentiality protected).

Dr. John, the zydeco/boogie-woogie ivory man, was born Malcolm John “Mac” Rebennack, Jr. He is an eight time Grammy recipient, created the album that slots at 143 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (Gris Gris) and for good measure, just so happens to be the guy whose 1976 album (with The Meters), Desitively Bonnaroo, served as the derivation of the oddball named festival.

At 71 years old, though touring a bit less, he remains an artist that can be counted on to deliver on whatever he promises to do. In 2008, he proved that when he took home a Grammy for City That Care Forgot. In 2012, he has again demonstrated that age does not equal being irrelevant — by releasing the highly relevant and acclaimed Locked Down that was recorded in Nashville and produced by Dan Auerbach (Black Keys). Auerbach also lends his guitar prowess to the album, along with occasional percussion and background vocals.

Honest Tune‘s last encounter with Dr. John Creaux came in July when Bob Adamek reported that he was “playing with a renewed energy and happiness,” going on to note his “improved health” and overall, referring to the gig — that “saw Dr. John showcase his original weapon of choice when he took three chances on guitar” — as “righteous.”

Fortunately, tonight turned out to be much ado over nothing, or at least nothing to lose sleep over. Thankfully, The Night Tripper will trip again. This said, it did come as a reminder to get out and support artists like Dr. John. One never knows when the show that’s “an hour away” this week will be one that cannot be traveled to next. Judging from the description given by the tip-caller, this was something that at least one room did not want to ponder tonight.


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*hospital name withheld to protect privacy.



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