Douglasville, GA treated to Col. Bruce, Quark Alliance


Col. Bruce & the Quark Alliance
O’Neal Plaza
Douglasville, Georgia
September 13, 2008

Nice night, good crowd; that was the feeling you got when you made your way through the small sea of people at the O’Neal Plaza.  Col. Bruce & the Quark Alliance set the stage for a great night of music and enjoyed a warm welcome from all of those taking in the charming downtown district of Douglasville.

2888594513_64ac18859c.jpgDespite a few technical difficulties, they started the night out with a tight “Mojo”, then headed straight into “No Egos Under Water.”   However, it wasn’t until the middle of “Spoonful” that the band seemed to work out all the nasty bugs.  Once they got the sound where it needed to be, “Time Flack & Compared to What” grabbed everyone’s attention.

The young and old alike danced and took in the energy the Col. Bruce & the Quark Alliance threw out. Kris Dale, named the #3 Bass Guitarist in this month’s Bass Magazine, controlled the down beat, and was as much fun to watch as he was to hear. His vibe was compelling and his style was nothing short of funky.

Dale and the Colonel joked around after every song and seemed to have some kind of running joke going on.  If there was anyone not pulled into the music by now, “Arkansas Canonbas” was their answer.  The nice, ethereal blues/jazz jam with a moving conversation in the middle between Kris Dale & Perry Osborn (lead guitar & FSU professor) captivated any and everyone within hearing distance.

2863131617_2861047f69.jpgAround 8:15 “Planet Earth” summoned the praise of the day and night people alike, and it was clear that church had started early that weekend.

The energy of the night continued to build, and even a broken string during “Fixin to Die” didn’t faze the Quark Alliance’s drummer, Mark Letalien.  He locked in with the fat bass run while Col. Bruce continued to toy with the crowd, who played his tribal carved Gibson behind his head and held his guitar by the neck while summoning Zambi from the depths of its’ belly, and all the while, Perry had his string fixed in two minutes flat.  The show came to a close with everyone chanting “Get rid of sorrow, Have a better day!”

It was a night of pure music satisfaction.