Doug Gillard : Call from Restricted

doug_gillard_unrestricted.jpgFormer Guided By Voices member Doug Gillard brings punk passion to his new album, Call From Restricted.

Gillard, a master tunesmith and guitarist, brings multi-dimensional angles of amplification to monster pop arrangements such as "From What I’ve Done" and "Entwined." With a knack for quirky, trendy alternative radio fare, Gillard taps into the genre’s main vein on "The Temperament Twist" and "Time is Nigh." The Elyria, Ohio native knows his way around an epic workout, and the title track and "Entwined" benefit from his sure handed approach to refined sound production.

Call From Restricted has very few weak moments lurking inside of its box of charms, and Doug Gillard stands out as a bright, challenging new artist to keep an eye on in the future. 

Call from Restricted is out now on 347 Records.