Donnie Fritts : One Foot in the Groove

donnie_frits_one_foot_groove.jpgDonnie Fritts returns to swamp infused blues on the rollicking disc, One Foot in the Groove.

The title track kicks off the recording in a gently flowing fashion, introducing the listener to Frittts’ charms as a lead singer, full of humor and swagger. In "She’s Got a Crush On Me," Fritts’ relates the tale of a woman that lives at Sweetwater Trailer Park, Lot Number 3, and works at the t-shirt factory, who has become enamored with his positives and negatives. Also, "Chicken Drippings" offers newfound insight into an individual’s obsession with his favorite poultry product. All of this is expressed in Fritts’ inimitable laidback style, a nod to southern back porch country and urban blues.

Helping Fritts along on this ride are Kelvin Holly on lead guitar, NC Thurman on B3, Scott Boyer on rhythm guitar, Spooner Oldham on keys,  and the liquid bass lines of David Hood combined with Mike Dillon’s shuffle beat on drums. Produced by Dan Penn, One Foot in the Groove shares a juicy smorgasbord of delectable Donnie Fritts offerings that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.   

One Foot in the Groove is out now on LMR.