Donna the Buffalo in Nashville: Where have all the hippies gone?

Donna the Buffalo

Exit In

Nashville, Tennessee


Whatever happened to the flower power, twirling beauty and passion for a good show?  Where have all the hippies gone? 

Despite the poor turnout, Donna the Buffalo warmed the bitter cold night with a smoking hot performance and plenty of reason to break out of the cabin fever.

It had been a while since Donna the Buffalo had been to the Music City, but they still seemed to know their way around just fine, opening the night with great renditions of “Movin On” and “If You Only Could.”  The perfect blend of American roots music and psychedelia, they sound much like a hodgepodge of the Grateful Dead and Emmylou Harris and the Nash Ramblers.  The signature sound of Tara Nevins’ squeezebox brought in the “Tides of Time,” and showed the musical prowess that marks Donna the Buffalo’s unique sound. 


“Conscious Evolution” showcased great fiddle work, rocking electric guitar and vocals from Jeb Puryear, and matching kick ass key work from Kathy Ziegler.  The night kept moving right along with everyone in attendance getting down to the homespun sound of songs like “Temporary Misery,” “Blue Sky” and “These Are Better Days.”

Though it was a very low-key crowd the music was great, and before long it was forgotten that the very cold night awaited us all outside the doors of the Exit In.  “Broken Record” kept things going, and served as the somewhat halfway point. 



After a few more great songs good friend, songwriting muse and big time Nashvillian Jim Lauderdale joined the band on stage.  This was by far the highlight of the evening, as Jim and the band collaborated on the 2003 album Wait 'Til Spring.  Jim led the band thru “Halfway Down,” “You Don’t Seem to Miss Me” and “Wo Wo Wo.”

Hippies do still exist, and they missed a good show by sitting this one out.  However, that is the way we work.  We wander thru life, stumbling in and out of the right space.  Sometimes you hit it right on the head, and sometimes you walk on by, carefree, without knowing what you missed.  If anyone would understand I think it would be Donna the Buffalo.  Hopefully we will see them again soon.

Until then, anybody seen my lighter?


All photos by Brad Hodge /