Donita Sparks and The Stellar Moments : Transmiticate

donita_sparks_transmiticate.jpgDonita Sparks spent the 1990s spewing aggression as frontwoman for L7, and little has been heard from her since. Until now. With the release of Transmiticate, Sparks and her band, The Stellar Moments,” prove sthat some rockers only get better with age.

The first solo release from Sparks, Transmiticate rumbles to life with the subversive bass of “Fly Feather Fly.” Despite the noticeably mellow vibe, the trademarks remain in Sparks’ jawing wail and distorted guitars. Beyond the familiarity, the sound is sanded down, varnished and polished to a rough and ready sheen. “My Skins to Thin” is as hooky as anything Sparks has written, twisted with synths and hand claps. And despite its growling guitars, “He’s Got the Honey” manages to captivate, buzzing with wasp-like intensity.

Known as much for controversy as for attitude, Donita Sparks proves her depth with Transmiticate.  Although it is far from perfect,  it is a rallying cry from an influential player with plenty left to prove.

Transmiticate is out now on Sparksfly Records.