Don Cavalli : Cryland

don_cavalli_cryland.jpgR.L. Burnside would certainly smile upon listening to Don Cavalli’s Cryland disc.

Breaking down rhythm and blues to its basic core, French native Cavalli adds layers to tracks like "Gloom Uprising" and "I’m Going to a River" that repeat until they’re embedded into the unconscious mind of the listener. Cryland is hypnotic and menacing with a flaunting style that leans heavily on Cavalli’s masterful vocal performances on "Aggression" and "Here Sat I (Off Jumps the Don)."

Produced by Vincent Talpaert, Cryland benefits as its indie sensibilities remain intact through stripped down trips down the golden rock roads of "Vitamin A" and the flashy "New Hollywood Babylon."Cavalli’s singing struts and preens as "New Hollywood Babylon" burns in an edgy, otherworldly manner.

Cryland’s blues-rooted wow factor goes to the top of the monitors, banging away and swaying to it’s own insistent, hipster beat.     

Cryland is out now on Everloving.