DOM : Sun Bronzed Greek Gods


“Living in America” may well be the catchiest summer jam ever written. But until recently, it was likely too exclusive, championed only by DOM fans, hipsters, and the download savvy. Now, it is ready for general consumption.

Massachusetts–based DOM released the cut on its Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, which was only available in physical format at the band’s live shows. Despite its limited release, bloggers and critics embraced the group and their lo-fi electro-anthems, leading to the release of the remastered version of the album on Astralworks. Sounding better than ever, the EP rings with a fresh optimism and brims with youthful exuberance.

Tracks like the carefree opener “Jesus,” and the aforementioned “Living in America” are classic calls to arms for convertible afternoons and  cocktail midnights. Melding ‘90s swagger and bedroom electro, when DOM sing “It’s so sexy, living in America,” they mean it. And for this young band, the party is just beginning.

Sum Bronzed Greek Gods is out now on Astralworks/Burning Mill.