Dom : Family of Love


Dom may well have created the best debut album in recent memory, albeit released in two parts over two years. First came 2010’s Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP with the scintillating lead-off anthem “Living in America,” and now the band is pulling listeners back into their hazy, hook-laden pop world with the EP Family of Love.

Like its predecessor, Family of Love is frothy, brimming with saccharine grooves that threaten to spill from the top with queer Casio keyboard accompaniment. The quintet revels in simple harmonies that ping and glide with a carefree zeal that elevates the title track and grinds beneath “Happy Birthday Party.” Over the course of the five concise tracks, Dom reach back to New Wave – a genre that predates any of the band members – to re-tool the ‘80s nuance with a lo-fi electronic vision. And it works – yet again.

Dom have fared better than most young bands by avoiding a proper “debut,” opting instead for two EPs – two very solid EPs. Together, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods and Family of Love listen like two sides of a classic album, a top-down masterpiece for summer cruising, for skateboarding and drinking 40s with the crew. With sounds so fresh and succinct, Dom are breaking classic grooves into bite sizes pieces, making a name for themselves for good reason.

Family of Love is out now on Astralworks.