Doc and Jack do some pickin’ in Charlotte


Doc Watson & Jack Lawrence
The Neighborhood Theatre
Charlotte, North Carolina
December 5, 2008

Famous flat picker and North Carolina native Doc Watson and his sidekick of 25 years, Jack Lawrence, delivered two short sets to a seated, near-capacity Neighborhood Theatre audience.

The duo seems to do an early December show in Charlotte annually.  Doc and Jack picked and sang through much of the normal fare heard at a Doc Watson show, asking the audience after a while what songs they wanted to hear, or asking themselves which song should we play next.

dj1.jpgAt the rip old age of 85 and despite being blind almost his entire life, Doc still does well picking and singing.  However, his age is beginning to show and Jack took more of a lead role picking the guitar and he even sang lead on some songs.

However, Doc still had his sense of humor and bag full of stories to tell.  He blamed forgetting lyrics to one of the songs to morphine they had given him in the hospital that summer, stating "I told them not to give me that morphine."

Normally, Richard Watson, Doc’s grandson, would be joining the group as well, but could not make this performance due to some heart problems.  We all hope Doc will be with us for many years to come, because it was clear from this performance he still has so much left to give.

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