Disco Biscuits read from Pink Floyd songbook at Bogart’s

Disco Biscuits
Cincinnati, Ohio
October 17, 2007

One doesn’t ordinarily think of a pervasive Pink Floyd influence when it comes to New York’s The Disco Biscuits. But, the legendary British psychedelic rock band’s music became the centerpiece for the Biscuits second set at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 17. 

Beginning the show with "Spy," the Disco Biscuits penchant for extended improvisation became abundantly clear as the strobe light effects bounced off the large club floor. Descending into "Humuhumunukunukuapua’a," the band upped it’s rhythmic undercurrents and sent the floor’s denizens into twisting, twirling ecstasy. Marc Brownstein’s booming bass throb accentuated the perky "Mr. Don" as the hypnotizing beats swirled into one long, love infused jam fest.

By the time the group struck down any hint of coming back to earth with a pulverizing take on "Cyclone," the interiors of Bogarts began to bleed with the sweat linked to hyper drive dancing to the Disco Biscuits’ perpetual, insistent groove. Set two started lightly at first with a momentary reference to "Home Again" from the 2001 long player, They Missed The Perfume. But, that was quickly tossed aside, and the Biscuits were back once again to where they had left off at the end of set one.

It wasn’t until they returned to the closing refrain of "Home Again," that the show started towards an entirely different direction. Jon Gutwillig’s circular runs on lead guitar began to add depth and dimension to a stinging version of "Abraxas." And, throughout both "Hot Air Balloon" and "Rock Candy," Brownstein’s and Gutwillig’s tight interplay drove the ensemble’s pounding, echoing vibrations to new heights.

Then, the Disco Biscuits opened the musical floodgates with an overwhelming cover of Pink Floyd’s "Run Like Hell" before dipping deep into the final, fluid notes of "Rock Candy’s" return. A breathless audience waited in deep anticipation for the Disco Biscuits encore. 

Turning over yet another page from the Pink Floyd songbook, the Biscuits slammed into a funk instrumental piece that led into the opening chords to Floyd’s darkly humorous ode to the flip side of stardom, "Have a Cigar," as they begged the query, "By the way, which one’s Pink?"  Even as the Disco Biscuits closed the concert with "Morph Dusseldorf," many of the Bogarts’ attendees shook their heads in amazement at how natural the band’s  interaction was, and the ability to translate their unique brand of trance fusion rock and roll which had revealed wide open vistas of clearly balanced musical mayhem in Cincinnati on a warm October night.

Set 1: Spy- Humuhumunukunukuapua’a- Mr. Don- Cyclone- Sound 1
Set 2: Home Again- Abraxas- Hot Air Balloon, Rock Candy- Run Like Hell- Rock Candy

Encore: Have a Cigar, Morph Dusseldorf