Disco Biscuits’ Marc Brownstein goes on anti-opiate rant

Today, Disco Biscuits avid Facebook enthusiast bassist Marc Brownstein’s status went viral when he commented on opiates and in particular OxyContin® abuse and the deaths that the abuse of said drug has caused amongst the Disco Biscuit family and beyond. It is able to be gleaned that Brownstein may have lost someone close to him or heard of someone’s death very recently. In turn the following status was given:   

bisco2.jpg"i feel like it’s time for an anti-opiate rant. I don’t ever want to be told that one more fan dies of heroin or oxycontin…It’s happened way too often. If your friends offer you Oxycontin or Heroin, FIND NEW FRIENDS. If you are already doing them, STOP NOW and GET HELP. It is not worth it folks. If you don’t take opiates, just DON’T START, they are addictive and way too often lead to death." 

From Marc Brownstein’s Facebook page

In an interview with Honest Tune in October 2010, Brownstein admitted that he is told to shut the fuck up often, but in this case he definitely needs to keep talking. By so doing, he is taking a measured risk and one can only hope that the reward will be that fans will heed the advice and warning given by Brownstein in the short but concise statement. 

OxyContin® tablets are used to treat moderate to severe pain. The extended-release form of this medication is for around-the-clock treatment of pain. It is a habit forming drug similar to heroin that, when used/abused outside the care of a physician, is addictive and potentially fatal. 

The thread’s progression was quite the read. As opinions go, some accused Brownstein of "preaching" while others pointed out that other drugs (Ecstasy and Cocaine particularly) should have been mentioned by the Biscuits’ spokesperson that Brownstein more or less is. Many also took the opportunity to fluff marijuana or other drug use (Ex. "hey just to join the conversation here, because it hits home. opiates are fucking dumb… smoke pot, legalize pot").

But the overwhelming majority spoke up solely in support of Brownie’s sentiments (Ex. "Really appreciate this status lost a lot of great friendships to that shit and it still hits close to home") without injecting their own persuasions into the mix. It eventually went into mild self-disclosure from both Brownstein, who stated that if he had not been informed of the dangers of the drug, he might have tried it himself, and those commenting —with some even extending help through the Disco Biscuits’ sponsored clean and sober fan group, The Digital Buddhas.

It is things like this that prove that artists do continue to have an impact on their fans and that their sentiments, whether agreed with or not, do matter to those that go to their events, buy their music, and generally support them. If one person who needed to hear this did or one who was considering trying the substance is now having second thoughts, then mission accomplished. If not, still kudos are owed to Brownstein for taking a stance that could be somewhat less than popular.  

Marc Brownstein is currently on tour with his side project, Conspirator