Disco Biscuits announce new album, release studio footage (Video)

1.jpgThough many in the Bisco camp’s message board crowd (not to be confused with Camp Bisco) are conviced that the Disco Biscuits are on borrowed time, apparently the guys in the band have not gotten the memo.

Today they have released the first video (See Below) in a series of four that will serve to both document and preview their forthcoming studio release, Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens. 

Furthermore, the Biscuits have given their website a full revamping and new look…not quite what one would expect from a band that is on its way out.

The video which was shot by Jesse Borrell includes studio footage as well as interviews and behind the scenes fly-on-the-wall footage that all comes together to provide a unique insight into this veteran ensemble’s recording process.

There is no word yet on a schedule in regards to when the remaining three video segments will be released or anything official in regards to an album release date.

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