Dewey Paul : Cale – A Tribute to JJ Cale

JJ Cale doesn’t need an introduction, though he has long been one of rock’s under-appreciated players. From Lynyrd Skynyrd’s well-loved cover of  “Call Me the Breeze,” to Clapton’s iconic take on “Cocaine” and  Widespread Panic’s version of “Traveling Light,” any serious fan of classic rock knows that Cale is the man behind some of the greatest shuffle-driven ditties to come down the pike.

So it’s entirely apt that someone finally tips their hat to the troubadour with a heartfelt effort to cover some of his best material. Colorado musician Dewey Paul serves up a very pleasing platter on Cale -A  Tribute to JJ Cale. From the excellent, soulful acoustic opener, “Fancy Dancer,” Paul runs through the troubadour’s best, including the always amusing “Mama Don’t,” a fittingly soothing “Magnolia,” a slinky “Ride Me and High,” and a “Thirteen Days” that hits the spot.

Paul deftly absorbs the spirit and feel of Cale’s work delivering 16 credible and fun cuts.

Cale – A Tribute to JJ Cale is out now.