Devon Allman - Turquoise

Devon Allman : Turquoise

Devon Allman - Turquoise

When your last name is Allman and you pursue a career in the music business, it’s pretty easy to say that there will be certain expectations. Well, to be fair to Devon Allman, it doesn’t matter what his last name is; he’s made a damn fine album.

Turquoise, the first solo album from Allman, is a great record that grew from his past work with his Devon Allman’s Honeytribe and the Royal Southern Brotherhood. This is an album that is as much nurture as it is nature. Regardless of his DNA, the man freakin’ oozes music from his pores.

Once upon a time musicians made albums just like this and people bought them on album, cassette or 8-track, and they played the Hell out of them. Rather than to fall in to the same old track-by-track dissection of this album, let’s just lay the cards on the table. His father is Gregg Allman. His uncle was Duane Allman. He grew up around The Allman Brothers Band. He plays and records with legendary musicians like Mike Zito and Cyril Neville. Turquoise even contains a cover of the Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks classic “Stop Dragging My Heart Around”  where Allman is joined by the incredibly talented Samantha Fish.

In a nutshell? Buy Turquoise by Devon Allman.

Turquoise is out now on Ruf Records.