Destroyer : Trouble in Dreams

destroyer_trouble_in_dreams.jpg“Okay fine even the sky looks like wine” is how Trouble in Dreams begins. Maybe Dan Bejar, the man behind Destroyer, is drunk with his own greatness. The abstract and obscure values of the album are what makes it hard to digest, yet lovely at the same time. 

“Dark Leaves Form a Thread” seems grounded with a more traditional sense of structure, although songs like “The State” and “My Favourite Year” seem to flounder around with beautiful bursts of tempo and volume.  The whole album has simplicity, yet lyrically, it plays out like a labyrinth. “Shooting Rockets (From the Desk of Night’s Ape)” clocks in at an even eight minutes, validating that jam bands aren’t the only artists who don’t know when to cut it off.

It’s the utterly fresh delivery that makes Trouble in Dreams is worth checking out.  But be warned: It may create uncertainty in your musical foundation. 

Trouble in Dreams is out now on Merge Records.