Derek, Susan & company ring in 2009 at Atlanta’s Fox


Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi’s Soul Stew Revival
Fabulous Fox Theater
Atlanta, Georgia
December 31, 2008

One thing was for certain; on New Year’s Eve with Derek Trucks and company on stage at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia was in for a sweet night of music.

dtb2.jpgDerek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi’s Soul Stew Revival promised to be a crowd pleaser, and the fans seemed to be in good spirits.  Maybe they knew it was the right place to be to celebrate the many changes 2009 was expected to bring.

Perhaps it was because everyone knew the caliber of music they came to hear was not your typical beer chugging, wild partying tunes that New Year’s has slammed Atlanta with in the past few years. 

No question, this night was different.  Before the show started, the mutual respect between the band members and the fans themselves was palpable. 

It was as if everyone seemed to understand just what a night of good blues could mean for all of them.


dtb1.jpgThe Derek Trucks Band started the night by sharing a few songs from their forthcoming studio production Already Free (engineered at Jimi Hendrix old haunt, Electric Ladyland Studios) scheduled to be released January 13, 2009. The third song of the night, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Down on the Flood,” featured Mike Mattison, and was roots straight to the core!  Mattison’s voiced just seemed so comfortable, and with Count M’Butu on congas and a variety percussion toys, the African beats made this song a real treasure.

The songs unveiled at the Fox most certainly had a touch of Jimi’s “juju” on them.  Both “700 Houses” and “Can’t Sleep at Night” were tight and crisp, largely because Todd Smallie and Yonrico Scott held down the rhythm like nobody’s business.

For the rest of the night the band was joined by Susan Tedeschi and the rest of The Soul Stew Revival, which consisted of Derek’s band augmented by Duane Trucks on drums and a horn section comprised of Mace Hibbard, Kevin Hyde,  and Paul Garrett. 

During the raw rooted blue of the Beatles tune, “She Came Through the Bathroom Window,” the hair-raising slide guitar of Derek Trucks was so on the money, it seemed as if he could have been there at it’s conception. 


With Susan’s voice and Derek’s unforgettable slide guitar, and the rest of the band consistently laying it down, it was a great way to start of the New Year! 

The night came to a close with the band and fans drawn close together while they sang out loud “Hey Jude, don’t make it sad"…a perfect night in every way.

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