Delta Spirit : Self-titled

On Delta Spirit’s latest, self-titled endeavor, up-and-coming producer/engineer Chris Coady and the band collide to create an indie rock album that brims with authenticity.

To be clear for the purposes of this review, authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite the material world and external forces, pressures and influences. This album shows that Delta Spirit remain authentic to their craft. With that said, music bloggers grumbled that this release isn’t as gritty as previous albums. It is obvious that the band is exploring new sounds, textures and movement here, but this isn’t anything new. Take a listen to “Trashcan” on Ode to Sunshine to “Ballad of Vitaly” on History from Below. This album is no different.

Hailing from the gorgeous city of San Diego, California, the music created by Delta Spirit reflects exactly what California imbues: alternative life styles with sun soaked skies, a zest for life and a never ending positive belief in others. Coady, working out of New York City, captures the best of the bands’ with which he collaborates, just as he has done here. The first three songs are predictable in style, yet highly energized and powerful; Matthew Vasquez’s charismatic vocals, Will McLaren’s hypnotic guitar, Jon Jameson’s intense bass, and Brandon Young’s gift on percussion are at its core.

But the album quickly turns to the exploration of sound. “Home” slows the album’s tempo down, but doesn’t curb the artistry or the craft. It’s also a song filled with empathy and compassion for people in need of “a hand that can reach you there.” “Tellin’ the Mind” is rowdy, with howling vocals, scratching records, and a dominating drumbeat. “Money Saves” goes back to the dominating forces that anchor the first three songs, bringing the album full circle in style, exploration and craft.

Delta Spirit is out now on Rounder Records.