Delta Moon : Clear Blue Flame

Big, brawling, dual-guitar controls the steady tempo of Atlanta, Ga.'s Delta Moon on its refreshing long player, Clear Blue Flame.

Tearing into the undercurrent on "Blind Spot," Mark Johnson's fluid lines burn deep into the song's grooves alongside Ted Pecchio's gently anchored bass and Tyler Greenwell's consistent drumming . Co-composer and bandleader Tom Gray boasts a background of writing for Carlene Carter and Manfred Mann, and on this release, he contributes one of his compositions made famous by Cyndi Lauper, "Money Changes Everything."

But it's in the duo's deep, dark, funky and blue vision perpetrated by the nasty slide styling of "Jessie Mae" where Clear Blue Flame takes off, endearing Delta Moon to lure its listeners back.  When the band launches into the forward rocking "Cool Your Jets," take notice; it veers dangerously around the curves previously driven by masters Cale and Clapton.

Delta Moon's Clear Blue Flame is yet another musical marvel exploding out of Atlanta's richly historical and bustling blues-powered mecca.    

Clear Blue Flame will be released by Jumping Jack Records on July 31.