Delta Miles and Whiskey Smiles

The Shady Deal Band

Chelsea’s Café

Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

November 16, 2006


The deal has definitely gone down, and the emergence of the Shady Deal Band in the jam band circles around the country is proof. This collaboration of Missouri and Mississippi boys has begun to make their mark on the scene.


The completion of their second album, The Ringer, (produced once again by the legendary Jim Dickinson) is just another accomplishment to add to their expanding resume which also includes performing at the High Sierra Music Festival last summer.


Their latest album brings much of the same formula that has made this band one of the better bands to see live due to their uncanny knack for storytelling through their lyrics and the talent that rides through the fingers of the band. “Listen to the words. They come alive and tell a story,” says Dickinson of their latest collaboration.


Thursday night brought the gents to the Red Stick two nights before the Ole Miss/LSU game so they decided to rear their head in the Tiger’s den for a night of pure unadulterated rock. The first set was a mixture of some of their some of their new material of the new album along with some of their work of their debut album,The Lift. (If you haven’t picked up their first album I suggest you do.) The end of the set had one of their most intriguing songs, aptly named “Hurricane.” The song tells the story of an old man who has survived the hurricane that has just ravaged New Orleans and includes some nice work on guitar by Jake Curtis. The segue into the Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was very smooth and cohesive. They then sandwiched “Youngblood” before finally ending the set with the final verses of “Jack Flash” once again.


One of the characteristics that great bands have is their ability to put their own touch onto other bands’ songs and Shady Deal has that down pat. They began the second set with The Who’s “Eminence Front.” The band nails this song — par for the course with any cover they decide to tackle. Another cover they added to their repertoire that evening was the The Band’s, “Chest Fever,” which has popped up everywhere of late, with Widespread Panic having also added it to their rotation and Tishamingo including it on their playlists.


The show ended with another of their newest songs, which seems to be a tribute to their famed Oxford noverlist William Faulkner. “Faulkner” has a some nice transitions tied in with lyrics that have the kind of meat to them that only a band with ties to Delta miles, accompanied by whiskey smiles, can achieve.



“World Boogie is coming!”-Jim Dickinson


Set 1:

Time to Play>




Lake of Fire

Ragweed Summer>

My Son


Percy Jones


Jumpin’ Jack Flash>


Jumpin’ Jack Flash


Set 2:

Eminence Front



Chest Fever

Cleo Wright


Rusty Cage



* Bobby Peoples on harmonica