Deerhunter : Microcastle

deerhunter_microcastle-album-art.jpgDeerhunter switches gears on Microcastle to produce one of the 2008’s best noise pop/rock gems.

Whereas the group’s previous release, Cryptograms, initiated the dedicated chosen few, Microcastle reaches for a broader audience as they continue to play to their original fan base with infusions of Bowie-esque fuzz laden feedback and distortion.

If you like your Eno, Kraftwerk, and Gary Numan with the volume knobs turned up all the way, Microcastle is a dream come true. Not since the early stages of The Cure has a unit so capably navigated the dual worlds of pop and avant garde as Deerhunter does on "Little Kids" and "Never Stops." Credit new guitarist Whitney Petty with the bold leap forward on the title track and the searing opening of "Cover Me (Slowly)" into "Agoraphobia." Guitarist Lockett Pundt’s dreamy lines collide with leader Bradford Cox’s contributions on the ethereal "Calvary Scars" and "Green Jacket."

Deerhunter opens up new musical dimensions and worlds on Microcastle, and invites all curious, brave and willing ears along for the ride.      

Microcastle is out now on Kranky Records.