Deer Tick : Born on Flag Day

dt-flagday-cover.jpgDeer Tick’s John McCauley sings from the depths. His throaty, tense delivery is emotive, and the songs on the band’s sophomore release, Born on Flag Day, emanate a sense of life and fearless, cocksure experience.

McCauely and company’s brand of Americana is rife with energy, supple instrumentation, and indelible perspectives. The opener “Easy” sets the quartet into motion with wiry guitar, a driving backbeat and anthemic lyrics. The release then opens wide, tickling all facets of American music, from the easy ambling “Smith Hill,” to the countrified rocker “Houston, TX,” to the classic radio feel of “Stung.” Despite the youth of the band, each composition is worn-in, settled, and gruffly refined.

Born on Flag Day is confirmation that Deer Tick is no one-trick collective; rather, it is a vehicle for McCauley’s songwriting that is distinct and collected. The momentum is building behind this group, and will only grow stronger as the quartet continues to grow into its skin.

Born on Flag Day is out now on Partisan Records.