Death : Spiritual/Mental/Physical


In this digitalized, sterilized world of hi-fi and wi-fi, Spiritual/Mental/Physical serves toremind us that a lo-fi sonic adventure is well worth the taking.

Death – a punk power trio from the 1970s composed ofbrothers Bobby, David, and Dannis Hackney – is a band all but lost to history.Playing punk music before the dawn of the punk era, combined with the advent ofdisco and the popularity of R&B, conspired to give Death a short shelflife. But Spiritual/Mental/Physicalbears witness to the punk brilliance of the Hackney brothers and their role inthe evolution of punk music.

This record is pure punk – raw and corrosive, much of therecord was recorded straight to a two-track reel to reel recorder. The record,as a whole, is one long demo, a series of outtakes that lacks the overpolished, sanitized sound of contemporary pop music.

And there is no better way to listen to music like this.

Death is pure piss and vinegar on tracks like “Can You GiveMe A Thrill???,” “Views,” and “The Storm Within,” while the band’s more melodicside is showcased on “David’s Dream (Flying),” and “The Change,” a nearwhimsical piece that ends in a hailstorm of echo and delay.

Spiritual/Mental/Physicalis a history lesson. The foundations for the ascension of punk rock are held inthe spirit of these tracks.

Spiritual/Mental/Physicalis out now on Drag City Records.