Deadstring Brothers - Cannery Row

Deadstring Brothers : Cannery Row

Deadstring Brothers - Cannery Row

If you’re an Americana/alt-country band, you need to know a little bit about sadness and being down on your luck. Hell, the entire alt-country side of the music business is built on songs of achey0breaky busted heart songs. And if you are such a band, and you are from Detroit,  you certainly know a thing or two about life sucking.

Cannery Row by Deadstring Brothers carries on with honest strength and sincerity that make each song come across like a proclamaition of faith and redemption. Much like the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, this band is as much Grateful Dead as they are Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Brothers.

Much like the recent Leroy Justice album, Above the Weather, the songs on Cannery Row  come off as musical versions of short stories by writers like John Steinbeck or Charles Bukowski, so it’s no small wonder that they named the record after one of Steinbeck’s greatest novels. Fans of Steve Earle, Son Volt and The Mother Hips will find this right up their alley.

Cannery Row is out now on Bloodshot Records.