Deadmau5, 10/1/10


The Tabernacle
Atlanta, GA
October 1, 2010

With increased notoriety following a gig as house DJ at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, Deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse") brought his schtick to The Tabernacle in Atlanta.

Joel "Deadmau5" Zimmerman, took the stage to a capacity crowd following a two and a half hour opening set from Kazell. The length of the opening set – by an act unknown to many in attendance – led to some of the ill-willed kiddies in attendance to pelt Kazell with glowsticks.

Perhaps the length of the set was due to the fact that the next gig was in Canada and a long day would lay ahead. Whatever the case, it seemed to be a universal consensus that the audience would have liked more mouse for their buck – Deadmau5 had the stage for about 60% as long as his opener. The crowd’s disgruntled status was more than likely due to the fact that Deadmau5’s mainstream stature brings in many that are not exactly entrenched in and accumstomed to the progressive and electro house scene. The scene kids did not seem to mind any of it in the slightest. 

Nevertheless, the 90 or so minutes of mouse (or mau5) was one of the most skilled and versatile DJ sets that can be witnessed. Regardless of what the critics are saying, this "gimmick" is working and is leaving audiences panting across the country and beyond.  As evidenced by recent album titles, For Lack of a Better Name and Random Album Title, Zimmerman embraces his contrivance and hence it is far less annoying than it would be if he did otherwise. In the end and probably most importantly, the integrity of the DJ work coupled with an embraceable persona is nothing short of intensely provocative.

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