‘Dead Ahead’ and ‘Ticket to New Year’s’ coming to DVD this February

Two legendary Grateful Dead films, Dead Ahead and Ticket To New Year’s, are slated for DVD release on February 12, 2013. The DVDs were also included in the 14-DVD box set All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection, released by Shout! Factory in 2012.

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, the Dead played 15 shows at the Warfield in San Francisco, followed by eight concerts at Radio City Music Hall. In addition to their usual two sets, the Dead opened each night with an acoustic set. The final concert fell on Halloween, and was simulcast as a closed-circuit pay-per-view event at 20 movie theaters across the country. Dead Ahead is comprised of songs from the final show and the previous night’s show, interspersed with comic bits from the Saturday Night Live comedy team of Al Franken and Tom Davis (both big Dead Heads). As Steve Silberman writes in Dead Ahead’s liner notes, “the luminous performances on Dead Ahead, filmed on October 30th and 31st of 1980, captured the Dead at a moment of transformation, when the band took a reckoning of their history through the lens of a marathon run of shows. Recorded in one of the wonders of the modern world – Radio City Music Hall – the performances on Dead Ahead marked the culmination of a monthlong musical odyssey in San Francisco and New York City during which the band stretched the boundaries of over 100 songs, from the newly written ‘Lost Sailor’ to jug-band tunes they played in coffeehouses like ‘Monkey and The Engineer.’

For the DVD’s original release in 2005, band archivist David Lemieux and audio engineer Jeffrey Norman restored the audio tracks in remastered stereo and diamond-sharp 5.1 surround sound, adding over 50 minutes of bonus material, including powerful performances of “Shakedown Street” and “He’s Gone,” as well as a ripping acoustic rendition of Weir’s underrated “Heaven Help The Fool.” All of those special features are included on this reissue.

Ticket to New Year’s was also a national pay-per-view telecast. Recorded in 1987 at the Oakland Coliseum, Ticket to New Year’s is two-and-a-half hours of classic Dead. Once again the Dead rose to the occasion and gave the fans in Oakland and many more across the country watching in their living rooms a dynamic and unforgettable show. Performances include “Bertha,” “Cold Rain and Snow,” “When Push Comes to Shove,” “Bird Song,” “The Music Never Stopped,” “Hell in a Bucket,” “Uncle John’s Band,” “Lady With a Fan,” “Terrapin Station,” “Drums,” “The Other One,” “Wharf Rat,” “Throwing Stones,” and many more. Also included on the DVD is a visible lyrics option, bios and a special “Dead Facts” fan quiz.


Dead Ahead

Uncle John’s Band

Bird Song

On The Road Again

To Lay Me Down


Me & My Uncle

Mexicali Blues

Ramble On Rose

Little Red Rooster

Don’t Ease Me In

Lost Sailor

Saint Of Circumstance

Franklin’s Tower

Rhythm Devils


Fire On The Mountain

Not Fade Away

Good Lovin’


Program length: 114 minutes

Bonus Songs from 10/30/80

Heaven Help The Fool • Shakedown Street

Samson and Delilah • He’s Gone • Truckin’


Bonus songs: 50 minutes


Ticket to New Year’s

1st Set

1. Intro

2. Bertha

3. Cold Rain And Snow

4. Little Red Rooster

5. When Push Comes To Shove

6. When I Paint My Masterpiece

7. Bird Song

8. The Music Never Stopped


9. Jerry’s Kitchen

10. G.D. Q & A

11. Santa Claus Meets Spock

12. More Q & A

2nd Set

13. Hell In A Bucket/Happy New Year

14. Uncle John’s Band

15. Lady With A Fan

16. Terrapin Station

17. Drums And . . .

18. . . . Space

19. The Other One

20. Wharf Rat

21. Throwing Stones

22. Not Fade Away

23. End Credits


24. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door