David Shehi

Start date: December, 2007

Role: Editor, Ad Sales Manager, Photographer


Personal Photography Website: http://dopelesshope.smugmug.com

Lives In: Gadsden, Alabama

Bio: David describes music as being “the one thing that — aside from family — has been a constant love in (his) life.” When he stumbled behind a camera and eventually into a photo pit, the two passions collided. Always an avid music magazine subscriber, David maintains subscriptions to Rolling Stone, Relix and Hittin’ The Note, though he does admit to recently dropping his Spin subscription. When asked about this, he simply said that “trend for the sake of trend is just too fucking trendy.”


As a reader of the Honest Tune print magazine, David, or “Shehi” (pronounced Shee-high) as most refer to him, was always an admirer of the publication and therefore, was honored when asked to move up the ranks in July of 2010 when he moved out of the contributor role and into the editor role. Since the transition, he has taken the success of the site on as a personal mission, implementing new formats, series and contests. When asked why he spends so much time doing this when also having a “day job” and a family, David simply says “I believe in what we are doing, but I always want to do better and I want to reach as many people as we possibly can. Plus we have the most amazing contributors and I feel like it is my personal responsibility to be sure that their beautiful work is displayed and seen, because if people see it, there is no way they will not love it.” David calls it his “Field of Dreams if you build it, they will come” mentality.


When asked about the doors that Honest Tune has opened, Shehi grins and says “all of them.” He goes on, ” I mean seriously, last year, I sat in Jorma Kaukonen’s bus where he told me that ‘Embryonic Journey’ (Jefferson Airplane) was basically an accident that resulted from him noodling around and somebody just so happened to be rolling tape.” “I could go on and on but I will spare you,” he continues.


There is no doubt that last year was a special year for David and he posted a “year in the life” piece with links to all of the pieces he had work in last year.

View that here.


When not hammering away on Honest Tune, David works as an Addictions Counselor and is a husband to a beautiful wife, Casey, and adorable nearly two year old son, Lyle. (Pictured above in early 2011)