Darla Farmer


There is nothing easy about making a band work in the Music City, yet Darla Farmer seems to be making quick work of it. The unique and yet attainable seven-piece indie/carnival rock band has defined a varied sound that distinctly separates them from the rest of what’s around.

df2.jpgThe recent Paper Garden Records release Rewiring the Electric Forest has garnered rave reviews and become a college radio hit across the country. Yet like many of the bands that Honest Tune brings to the table the live experience is where the hook lies. As the band turns up the volume and begins to loosen their collars, crowds seem to catch the infectious desire to move. With a horn section consisting of Joey Dykes on trombone and Chase Bunton on trumpet the sound blows the lid off of most venues and sparks life into a crowd with the greatest of ease.

Bassist Bryce Weber bounces around with a Flea-like stage presence and has striking similarities to the Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist in skill as well. In their efforts to mix American roots music, avant-garde and folk they also rely heavily on the piano of Ben Weber and the violin of Casey Saul.

Drummer Ben Klise joins Bryce in the rhythm section. The two create a solid foundation for all of the madness, while lead singer Clint Wilson also takes the reigns of the six-string. Clint has a very distinct vocal delivery, at times lending the band a flavor similar to that of The Eels (only better).

Describing the band’s sound as a whole is a difficult task. They rage with a passionate burst of energy, and open the mind to creative illusions of grandeur. Swooping crescendos and paint peeling horn blast mix elegantly at times with dreamy vocals on songs like "The Cow that Drank too Much."

The band can be found blowing up house parties and venues all over Nashville, and have recently completed a very successful Midwestern tour. Earlier this year they kick started the buzz with a great showing in Austin at a few SXSW showcases. They show no fear in taking on the Music City and industry mold by aggressively self-promoting and thinking outside the box, and they have had local college marching bands join in the fun and ignite roof top parties as if it was the norm.

Catch this highflying act as they head back out on select dates this fall. You can check out some music and find tour dates at www.myspace/darlafarmer