Dark Dark Dark : Who Needs Who

Dark Dark Dark’s latest effort, Who Needs Who, plays precisely as its title reads. A tangled, static, and struggling 10-track package, the disc is sticky with nostalgia, with want for a love long lost. It yearns for the ache of Adele’s 21 and angst of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, but can’t rise above its personal and musical fog.

The title track builds for the set a piano-driven and somber impression. Vocalist Nona Marie Invie quickly laments, “Oh, I have the memory of trust/…I swallow it whole.” Invie’s smooth vocals recall Carly Simon, Carole King, and Sara Bareilles, but they swiftly belie with the group’s broken record approach. “Tell Me,” the second track, begs for a new perspective. She sings, “I want to live in the time when you cherished me.” The borrowed beats of “Last Time I Saw Joe,” aimless wandering of “Without You,” and fragmented feel of “Meet in the Dark” continue this much-too-tried trend.

Dark Dark Dark, though, briefly brings in some light. “How It Went Down” tackles the same sparse subject, but lets the vocals lead. Beautiful, haunting, and yearning, the track shows listeners what Dark Dark Dark might have been—and, might still be. It suggests for the group a promising future. But, for now, the last track sums up Who Needs Who quite well: “The greatest mistake was mine.”

Who Needs Who is available now through Supply & Demand Music.