Dangermuffin : Olly Oxen Free

Following the release of 2010’s Moonscapes, Dangermuffin caught a wave that continues to break. The band’s extensive touring garnered new fans far and wide, including moe.’s Rob Herhak who deemed them the “emerging band (Relix) readers should watch out for in 2012.”


Here we are in 2012, and Derhak is right. The band’s fourth release, Olly Oxen Free, builds upon the aforementioned Moonscapes, delving deeper in the trio’s free-wheeling vibe and further exposing a penchant for articulate playing and humble, well-honed wordplay. Opening with the easy groove of “Slumber,” the understated compositional quality creates an airy feel that permeates the band’s work. Over worn-in, laid-back guitar and a spry undercurrent, Dangermuffin dole out loose compositions that fit like feet in beach sand. The centerpiece trio of the rocking “Homestead,” gorgeous instrumental “Jaula,” and the vibrant “Rattle that Cage” epitomize the band’s fresh, festive style.

Although the second half of the album loses focus, Dangermuffin have upped the ante with Olly Oxen Free, unfurling a clarity that is plain-spoken, elegant, and feels comfortable. It’s a lot like home.

Olly Oxen Free is out now.