Dan Zimmerman : Cosmic Patriot

dan_zimmerman_cosmic_cover.jpgThere is imminence in Dan Zimmerman’s toasted baritone, both foreboding and jubilant. He is weathered and jaded, yet resolute; a 50-plus year veteran of music with plenty left to say on Cosmic Patriot.

When Zimmerman sings of separation and defiance on the titled track, he sounds like a man with penultimate conviction; one who has “bore division in family and in friends,” who has “seen more separation than I could ever mend,” and who is “at war with the system.” More remarkable is the quaint style that Zimmerman perpetuates, like a dialed in AM radio station spilling out the classics in Technicolor.  It is rich, full-bodied and mature, but despite the vibrant ambiance, there is a gloomy relevance that counters the inherent confidence of Zimmerman, coating this vital song cycle.

Six years in the making, Cosmic Patriot is comfortably relevant and acutely focused. Zimmerman emerges as a vital wordsmith with a classic sense of song, a velvet voice, and a fearless perseverance that emanates from every note.

Cosmic Patriot is out now on Sounds Familyre Records.